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Sample Job Descriptions

Adult Parole Officer
Case Manager
Case Worker
Child Care Worker
Clinical Supervisor
Domestic Violence Advocate
Domestic Violence Child Adv.
Drug Alcohol
Early Childhood Teacher
Family Counselor
Hearing Officer Youth Probation
Homeless Youth Shelter
Hospice Aide
Hospice Nurse
Kindergarten Teacher
Language/Speech Therapist
Lifeguard/Swim Instructor
Living Skills Coordinator
Medical Secretary
Mental Health
Nursery School Attendants
Occupational Therapist
Physically Disadvantaged
Probation Officer Parole
Residential Counselor
School Social Worker
Senior Citizens Case Mgr
Senior Social Worker
Sign Lang Interpreter
Social Worker
Special Ed Teacher
Substance Abuse
Vocational Rehab Specialist
Youth Care Worker
Youth Counselor
Youth Employment Assistant




  • An early childhood teacher may perform the following tasks:
  • Assist children with their toileting and other personal matters
  • Attend to sick children and those in need of first aid
  • Comfort children who are hurt or distressed
  • Discuss with parents and other educators aspects of the child's development


  • Discuss with parents the aims of the education program
  • Early childhood teachers plan and conduct education programs for young children.
  • Encourage children to question and explore the world in which they live
  • Help integrate children with special needs into mainstream classes
  • Help to organize and participate in excursions to enhance learning experiences
  • Observe children to evaluate and record their progress, and recommend appropriate programs for further development and to detect signs of developmental disorder, ill health or emotional disturbance
  • Participate in community activities and parent/staff committees
  • Plan activities using a variety of materials and equipment to develop good coordination, social skills, creativity, self-expression and an interest in learning
  • Promote an awareness and appreciation of the multicultural society in which we live
  • Promote health and safety concepts and social interaction with other children
  • Promote language development and self-confidence through storytelling, drama, music and discussions
  • Supervise and work with student teachers and trainee childcare workers.
  • Work with guidance officers, speech pathologists and psychologists to assist children with special needs

Early childhood teachers may work in pre-school centers; early education classes, community kindergartens and community child care centers.


Typical Personal Requirements:

  • A keen desire to teach children
  • Able to relate to children and their families
  • Enthusiasm, tact, patience and a sense of humor
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • High level of planning and organizational skills
  • Prepared to work out of school hours.
  • Sound literacy and numeric skills
  • Willing to learn

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