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Sample Job Descriptions

Adult Parole Officer
Case Manager
Case Worker
Child Care Worker
Clinical Supervisor
Domestic Violence Advocate
Domestic Violence Child Adv.
Drug Alcohol
Early Childhood Teacher
Family Counselor
Hearing Officer Youth Probation
Homeless Youth Shelter
Hospice Aide
Hospice Nurse
Kindergarten Teacher
Language/Speech Therapist
Lifeguard/Swim Instructor
Living Skills Coordinator
Medical Secretary
Mental Health
Nursery School Attendants
Occupational Therapist
Physically Disadvantaged
Probation Officer Parole
Residential Counselor
School Social Worker
Senior Citizens Case Mgr
Senior Social Worker
Sign Lang Interpreter
Social Worker
Special Ed Teacher
Substance Abuse
Vocational Rehab Specialist
Youth Care Worker
Youth Counselor
Youth Employment Assistant

Hospice/Bereavement Support Aide


The bereavement support staff typically works directly with family members of the individual who is terminally ill and also works with staff within the program.


TYPICAL DUTIES: include the following:

  • Follows and adheres to Hospice Safety Policies.
  • Assists with or assesses level of bereavement and provides appropriate support to those who are severely stressed
  • Assists with and possibly implements client specific plan to help those experiencing the loss of a loved one.
  • May participate in home visits.
  • Supportive phone calls to family members
  • Documentation of phone calls and home visits and staff communications
  • Assists and participates in plan for cultural specific factors, status of illness, and family involvement regarding the terminally ill individual.
  • Other record keeping
  • May closely watch particular family members who may be considering suicide or some other personal destructive behavior.
  • May assist, develop and implement various services and activities for the program and the particular individual involved.
  • May keep a list of available translators and contact them as the needs arise.
  • May keep a list of available counselors and contact them as the needs arise or give advice to family members as to whom to contact.
  • Adhere to all local, county, state, and federal rules, laws and mandates regarding hospice care.

This job description can also be found in Word form here


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