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Free Thank You Letters

In today's highly competitive world, it is highly recommended you write and send a well-written thank you letter after each interviewer. This should be done soon after your interview. Keep it short and to the point. Why are you perfect for the job? How can you benefit the company? Why you feel this job will help you grow. A good letter might help you to beat out job candidates who are more or equally qualified, but who fail to send the thank you letter! Writing a thank you letter is also your second chance to include something you forgot during an interview.



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Jack Sprat
201 Flower Lane
Anytown, MN 33333

April 20th, 2010
Mr. Mike Matters,
Falcon's Manor
6667 Fantastic Circle
Any Town, MN 55555

Dear Mr. Matters:

It was a pleasure finally meeting with you for a full day yesterday. I truly enjoyed our conversation and the tour you gave me. I could see that you listened to me when I discussed my career objectives. You made me feel comfortable and with the warmth of the others you introduced me to, I know I would fit contentedly within your company.

I appreciated the tour of:

  • The conference room
  • The counseling facilities
  • The paperwork room

They were all quite impressive, and it would be a true joy to work in such beautiful surroundings.

The employees you introduced me to, they were all so kind and accommodating. Please let them know I appreciate how comfortable they made me feel. Perhaps I could meet with Sally Slugist sometime next week?

After talking with you, meeting the team and getting a better understanding of what is involved in the position, I am even more confident there can be no better a match. The recent projects you all have accomplished gave me the confidence that I can be a great benefit

My schedule is flexible and knowing your urgency to fill the position, I would be available within two weeks notice.

Please drop me an email ( or a quick call on my cell at (555) 555-5555.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,


Samual S. Snudd


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