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In today's highly competitive world, it is highly recommended you write and send a well-written thank you letter after each interviewer. This should be done soon after your interview. Keep it short and to the point. Why are you perfect for the job? How can you benefit the company? Why you feel this job will help you grow. A good letter might help you to beat out job candidates who are more or equally qualified, but who fail to send the thank you letter! Writing a thank you letter is also your second chance to include something you forgot during an interview.


Vinny Voratious
201 Flower Lane
Anytown, MN 33333

April 20th, 2010
Mr. Mike Matters,
Falling Leaf and Feathers
6667 Fantastic Circle
Any Town, MN 55555

H: (555) 555-5555

Cell: (888) 888-8888

Dear Mr. Matters:

Thank you so much for your time and advice during my visit to your office last week. I very much appreciate your inviting me to visit since I'm a recent graduate.

As I stated yesterday, I have heard great things about you and your company. The way you support our school and give so many graduates the opportunity to intern and see if this field is actually for them. I feel privileged to be in this situation.

I sincerely hope I am given the opportunity to show you my skills in action. Please feel free to contact my school counselor Mary May. I'm sure she will give you positive feedback on me.

I can be reached at the above phone number or you can email me at

Very truly yours,


Sam Sneed



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