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In today's highly competitive world, it is highly recommended you write and send a well-written thank you letter after each interviewer. This should be done soon after your interview. Keep it short and to the point. Why are you perfect for the job? How can you benefit the company? Why you feel this job will help you grow. A good letter might help you to beat out job candidates who are more or equally qualified, but who fail to send the thank you letter! Writing a thank you letter is also your second chance to include something you forgot during an interview.


Jane Lane
201 Flower Lane
Anytown, MN 33333

April 20th, 2010
Mr. Mike Matters,
Martin Farn Enterprises
6667 Fantastic Circle
Any Town, MN 55555

Dear Mr. Matters:

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with you and have a brief tour of Martin Farn Corporation. The high level of creative energy among your staff, as well as their personal pride in the company's services was obvious and very gratifying to see.

In addition to the information I shared with you in our meeting, I think you might be interested in yet another project I worked on that reflects the kind of contribution I could make as a member of your team. Please review the enclosed papers for your review.

I'd appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible. I would also be pleased to meet with you again, if necessary, on fairly short notice. I can be reached via my cellular phone pretty much anytime, email me at or feel free to leave a message at my home number.

Sincerely yours,


Samual Snudd
H: (555) 555-5555

C: (555) 444-4444



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