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Free Resume Examples

Check out our many resume examples. If you are serious about finding a great job that meets your needs, resume writing is a critical task. Many people, especially those seeking that first job, are confused about writing the perfect resume. Writing a great resume does not necessarily mean you should follow the rules you learned in school or friends. Many times writing a resume greater than one page is completely acceptable. There are many resume formats available and finding that perfect one can be daunting. Once you create your resume, it should be unique to those you are competing against. Remember, a resume is a marketing communication tool, marketing you!

Resume Suggestions
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Resume Suggestions

Over the years, we have seen them all. Good ones and bad ones. Below are some resumes we feel pass the muster and could be great examples to help you develop your own resume style. Remember, try to keep your resume to a total of 2 pages or less. A cover letter is always important to include when writing or e-mailing a prospective employer.

Another thing to keep in mind: Some resumes look perfect when printed but may be distorted when e-mailed. Before you e-mail a resume to a prospective employer, e-mail it to a friend or yourself and see how it looks on the computer screen and printed.


Your personal qualifications:


  • Able to quickly establish rapport in both one-on-one and group encounters
  • Comfortable working with a variety of learning and communication styles.
  • Skilled at encouraging understanding and … in others


  • Articulate and persuasive
  • Maintain positive relationships with customers, co-workers, and management due to strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Accurate, detailed and organized, with excellent project follow-through
  • Strength in program management, organization and follow-through
  • Ability to negotiate solutions to meet them goals
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable
  • Adaptable, proactive and creative, offering innovative solutions in challenging situations


  • Program development
  • Program management
  • Public relations
  • Community relations
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Team design and leadership
  • Speaking and presentation skills
  • Interdisciplinary program design / development and leadership
  • Critical thinking / problem solving / analysis
  • Teaching, coaching, consulting
  • Emphasis in / on
  • Demonstrated record of high performance, including (attention to)…
  • Outstanding ability to lead, organize and implement projects / groups
  • Serve in leadership roles in a variety of community and professional organizations
  • Demonstrated decision-making ability

Skills / Experience

  • Successfully develop, design
  • Redesign
  • Critique
  • Instruct
  • Collaborate with outside agencies determining effective …methods
  • Planned, implemented and supervised
  • Provided observational and short-term mentoring experiences regarding
  • Develop and teach
  • Implemented systemwide
  • Conducted classes / training sessions
  • Participated on several systemwide councils/committees
  • Served as


  • Train, supervise and direct
  • Responsible for management and training of
  • Reviewed and evaluated
  • Supervised _ employees
  • Manage and nurture the growth of
  • Coach and mentor
  • Identify and streamline procedures and processes
  • Spearheaded …
  • Adept at creating a positive working environment and building team unity in a wide range of health care settings
  • Educated and supervised
  • Responsible for resolving
  • Developed in-house training
  • Enhance

If possible, have a couple of detailed examples typed nicely on separate paper.

More advice...

Emphasize Your Results: State what action you did and the achieved results. Give details about what you did and what happened. Example: You set up composting of organic materials from the kitchen (bananas, tomatoes, etc.) and encouraged the other houses within the company to do the same. The result could be less garbage thrown away and therefore a cost saving to the company's garbage bill.

Summarize: Emphasize your most valuable skills in a short paragraph.

Keywords: Many employers now scan resumes and sort them via specific keywords. Think of what words may be important to the employer and include them when writing your resume.

Aesthetically Appealing: See examples above. Make it easy to read. Check your grammar and spelling. Format your resume so that it runs smoothly from subject to subject.

No lying: Stating untruths about yourself in your resume may eventually be caught by the employer.

Describe Experience: Use past tense words to describe your experiences. This reassures the employer that you have successfully accomplished the task and can do it again.

Avoid: As already stated. No misspellings. Use good grammar.

Negativity: Don't state you were laid off, fired, or were asked to leave. May be a good idea to just list your dates of employment.

Length: This depends on what you are applying for. Some employers prefer a resume to be kept to one page while others (typically upper level positions) require or ask for several.

Have a friend proofread your resume before you use it in the real world.



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